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Spring in the South

The weather has been a little crazy – from Freezing to the 80’s….but if you live in the south or have visited the area before you know that is just the Bi-Polar Mother Nature we get. So if you are packing to visit the area, be sure to be prepared. It tends to be cool in the morning – hot after lunch – then cool again when the sun goes down. Temperatures can vary within a day or two – so be sure to check the weather so you can pack accordingly.

But be prepared to view the beauty that surrounds us this time of year. Dogwoods are currently in full bloom. So many flowers are budding out. Although we aren’t fully “green” yet as far as the trees go there is still an extensive amount of beauty to see.

We hope you will choose us when you come to see this gorgeous land of the lakes and mountains where we live. We are close to I-75/40 and a short drive to Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountains. Come see the spendor that awaits this time of year!

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